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My HPISD Portal

How to Connect

Students will have the opportunity to connect with their classroom teachers through one of the following platforms:

  • Seesaw Classroom - PreK - 1

  • Google Classroom - 2 - 12

Parents and students will access the designated platform on the My HPISD Portal. The My HPISD Portal serves as the centralized hub where additional online resources for the class can be accessed.

How To Access Virtual Platforms

SeeSaw Using an iPad

Pre-K, Kindergarten,

1st Grade

SeeSaw using Browser

Pre-K, Kindergarten,

1st Grade

Google Classroom

Grades 2-12

Hapara for Google Classroom

Grades 2-12

Resources for Seesaw

Resources for Using Chrome

Resources for Using Google Classroom

Resources for Using Hapara

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my child's log in?

My HPISD is a single-sign on portal. This means once logged in, users do not have to continue to sign on to use different applications. If you forget your login information, email your child's teacher or complete the forms on this page in the Need Help? section.

If I am having trouble accessing the platforms, who should I contact?

Contact HPISD's technology help desk for assistance by completing a campus level specific forms in the Need Help? section of this webpage. Staff is available to assist virtually during business hours, and families should receive a response within 24 hours. Response times may be longer at the beginning of school due to the high volume of requests.

Are the digital resources approved and safe to use?

Software and apps have been reviewed and vetted by HPISD educators. Twice a year, commonly used web applications submitted by teachers are evaluated using the HPISD Privacy, Security and Internet Safety Rubric. Each approved digital application meets student privacy laws and guidelines. When choosing a resource for student use, educators look for products that protect students' privacy by third party groups to best protect student data.

Is there a preferred browser to use?

Using Chrome is the ideal browser to access applications on this site and particulary in Google Classroom. A student must be logged into his/her HPISD Google account to access Google Classroom. Applications can also be accessed on an Android or iOS device.

Is there a preferred device to use for remote learning?

The preferred device for students in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade is an Apple iPad.

The preferred device for students in 2nd grade through 12th grade is a Chromebook or a Windows laptop using the Chrome browser.

Other devices can be used; however, instructional videos and how to documentation is based on these devices. Instructions may vary if using a different device than the ones listed. Families can contact the HPISD Technology department through the campus Tech Support links on this page under the Need Help? section.

What district owned devices will be distributed to students who request a device?

Students in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade will receive an Apple iPad and power supply.

Students in 2nd grade through 12th grade will receive a Chromebook and power supply.