Mrs. Nieman's Class

Social Studies 7 Social Studies 8 AVID 8

Social Studies 7

This course studies America from its beginnings to the Civil War. Starting with the first Americans, this course will rigorously examine the foundations of the United States and its government. Careful attention will be given to the growth, development and turmoil our nation has undergone prior to 1865.

Social Studies 8

This course is a continuation of American history from 7th grade. Starting with Reconstruction, this course will rigorously examine American history right through to present day. Careful attention will be given to the growth and development that our nation has undergone in the 20th century.


AVID is an elective course that is designed to provide meaningful and motivational learning by teaching each student individual skills that will put them on track for higher level classes at the high school. Students will learn organizational and study skills, work on critical thinking, learn to ask probing questions, get academic help from peers and college tutors, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities which will make academic success and college seem attainable.