5th grade

Ms. Duguay

Welcome 5th Graders

of 2017-2018!

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Tina Duguay

Three Fires Elementary

Room 2121

Please use the menu to look around our class website. Please note that at this moment I'm in the process of cleaning our site and making some changes at this time. You can find quick information on the Home page and on the Calendar page you'll find dates for up coming happenings. Academic information is located on the Newsletter page. Please check out our google classroom for class assignments from time to time. Our 5th graders know how to log into our google classroom site as we use it often in class.

The Growth Mindset

The human brain is designed to learn from our mistakes. We take a problem and strive to solve it. When we don´t succeed the first time we must get back up and try again using what we learned from our mistake to ultimately succeed. When needed we will rely on others for their guidance and knowledge, look for information on our own and keep moving forward in our learning by practice and patience. Every mind is capable of learning anything!