Hutchings Library/Media Center Reference Page

Library Lingo

  • barcode-the pattern of bars and spaces that is scanned by a computer

  • blocked-the term for unable to check out a library item because of an obstacle

  • borrow-to check out a book with the understanding that it is to be returned

  • card-an identification for a person(patron) to use when checking out a library book

  • check in-to return a book to the library so that the barcode can be scanned

  • check out-to borrow a book from the library by scanning the barcode

  • due date-the date by which a book must be returned to avoid consequence

  • overdue-beyond the date when an item is expected to be returned

  • return-to bring back an item that had been borrowed

  • scan-toi pass a barcode light over a barcode in order to check the item in or out

Dewey Decimal System

“Five” Finger Rule when choosing “Just the Right Book”

Howell Carnegie Library

All HPS students are able to access these resources with their student ID number as their library card number and a pin number of 1234 to provide an easier way to access online resources & e-materials.

Reading Genres

  • Autobiography-A nonfiction story about a person's life written by that person

  • Biography-A nonfiction story about a person's life written by somoeone else.

  • Fable-A short story that usually has talking animals and teaches a lesson or moral.

  • Fairytale-Made up stories involving magical characters and lands. They usually have a happy ending.

  • Fantasy-A fictional story that includes elements that are impossible such as talking animals or magic!

  • Fiction-A book that tells a story with characters and events.

  • Graphic Novel-A book make like a comic, sometimes with speech bubbles

  • Historical Fiction-A fictional story written during a time period in the past that may include some true facts about history.

  • Informational-A nonfiction text that gives facts and information about different topics.

  • Non-Fiction-A book that tells facts and information about a topic.

  • Mystery-A fictional story where the characters are trying to solve a crime or problem that is unknown..

  • Poetry-A type of writing that is usually written in verses using rhythm and rhyme and causes strong feelings.

  • Realistic Fiction-A fictional story that includes events that could really happen.

  • Science Fiction-A fictional story that often includes science, technology or aliens.

  • Traditional Literature-A fictional story that is passed down through the years including fairy tales, fables, folk tales, legends, tall tales and myths.