DJ Profiles

DJ Profiles


Friday 4-6pm & Sunday 1-3pm

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(Jay Tipa)

A DJ with over 30 years experience!!

JT loves playing a wide variety of musical genres, namely Old Skool House, Deep House, Soul, RnB and Hip Hop, and has gone from using Vinyl to CD's to Digital, and still uses all three today.

JT started buying vinyl back in 1984 and purchased his first turntables, 'Technics 1210's' at Christmas '85. His influences came from the London Pirate Radio Stations - 'LWR', 'Sunrise' and 'Kiss' . It was also around this time that he purchased an FM Transmitter from Tandy Electronics and started broadcasting to his Estate in Bow, London and knew when people had tuned in when they answered his call over the radio by flashing their house lights (long before pagers and mobile phones!!).

He played his first gig - a 21st Birthday party, and loved it - so did the crowd. He got a few more bookings from that gig, with his very first actual 'paying' gig in 1988, aged at just 19 (Bottles of Holsten Pills don't pay the bills). He and his DJ Partner, Matt began playing out every weekend. It was in 1989 that JT & Matt started playing in Fox's club in Amhurst Rd, London. Not long after Fox's, JT & Matt started on Fantasy FM; with JT playing 8-10pm four nights a week & Fridays was joined by Matt when they played midnight-8am, after they'd finished DJ'ing in a local Pub at 11pm.

To earn a little extra cash and gain valuable experience, JT and Matt created 'Infinity Mobile Disco' and were very busy doing this plus the Pubs, Clubs and Radio all around East London. In 1990 they joined Centreforce FM, with a regular weekly slot, continuing with Infinity Disco and the local pubs and clubs every weekend. JT and Matt eventually went their separate ways and In the year 2000, JT was joined by Tracy when they became 'Infinity discokaraoke', which was very successful. JT handed the London Scene over to Tracy when he moved away in 2004, but carried on with 'Infinity discokaraoke in and around Essex. He has now stopped playing out and concentrates on playing on Internet Radio & infinitytunes Facebook and creating mixes for his Mixcloud Page

And House-Mixes page

Rich Winters

Tue 7-9pm & Fri 6-8pm

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Music styles- funky house/deep house/tech house


He grew up in Northern Ireland with a love for music at a very young age listening to his two older brothers playing decks at home. His first set of turntables were Soundlab belt drives which his brother gave him; and still to this day he has nightmares about those decks LOL.

As time went on, his love for music continued and at the age of 16, he purchased a set of Technics 1200’s and a Vestax mixer. The first record He ever bought was Placebo Special K - Timo Maas mix and so the journey began.......

His favourite DJ’s were - Sander Kleinenberg, Luke Neville, Col Hamilton, Dave Seamon, Timo Maas, Sasha, Seb Fontaine, Peace Division and The Shapeshifters.

Clubs played in: Dempseys Belfast, Bar 7 & The Boom Boom Room Bangor, The Coach Banbridge.

He took a break from DJ'ing 10 years ago to have a family, and then 3 years back was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and had to give up work. To keep him busy and his mind on more positive things, his wife encouraged him to get back on the decks - and so the journey began again 😃

Current activities: monthly residency in O'Reillys Banbridge, Infinitytunes internet Radio station & local parties.

DJ Danno

Fri 8-10pm

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DJ Danno was 16 when he began learning to mix. He has always been musically minded - from his first drum kit at 5yrs old and his first keyboard at age 10. Mixing and playing music was a big part of his life in to his late 20’s. He has played sets at Aquarium, Warehouse, and many private parties. He started his own business at 28 and had his first son, so Dj’ing took a back seat for a while. DJ Dubwise introduced him to all the new DJ Technology that is about today, Serato etc which resulted in the 1210’s coming out of the garage after 15 years!! He now has the bug back and is enjoying every minute of it.

He loves all Genres of house music and is also a massive Old SKOOL 88-94 fan.

Masters At Work, MK, Kevin Saunderson, Benji Candelario, Todd Terry, Grant Nelson - among his favourite tracks would be MKs remix of 'I Cant Get No Sleep', also Congo 'The Boss' and of course ' Tears' by THE man Frankie Knuckles. His favourite vocal track is a rare mix of Donnell Rush 'If Only You Knew' E-Smoove on the buttons, pure class.

DJ Danno and DJ Dubwise now host their own Midlife-Crisis Promotions Party Events.



DJ Dubwise

Dubwise was influenced by Pirate radio at just 12yrs old and was inspired by a friend's older brother to start learning to DJ. Pulse FM became the radio station of choice and later Weekend Rush and Kool Fm. He first learnt to mix on 3 hi fi systems - 2 outputs wired to the input of the 3rd with a train set power supply wired to one turntable to control the pitch. Before moving onto Sound labs then Technics 1210s. Eventually he got a show on Risk FM 107.1 and later worked closely with Key FM and played several slots which eventually earned him the title of Resident DJ at the New Globe in East London. This with plenty of private parties and illegal raves has led to him teaming up with DJ Danno to put on the MidLife Crisis Parties #MLC.

Styles of music: whatever takes my fancy but predominantly Old school, Hardcore, House and Garage but in his early days Jungle and D&B were the weapons of choice. Rhythm section’s ‘coming on strong’ was one of his first vinyl purchases and still a favorite to this day.

Favourite producers: Grant Nelson, Tuff Jam, wookie Anthill Mob, New Horizons, MK, Congo natty, Aphrodite.

Most played labels: Nice & Ripe, Strictly Rhythm Nervous, Confetti, Ice cream, Defected.

Current activities: Doing Dad stuff with his 2 Children, putting on MidLife Crisis Parties around London and Essex and also DJ’ing on Infinitytunes internet radio station.


Saturday 3-5pm

DJ Chicksta

Styles of music: acid house, jungle, old skool house, garage and deep house.

Started playing music from a young age around 12yrs old and was inspired by ‘DJ One’ from CenterforceFM and ‘Transit’ from Kiss (when kiss was pirate); then, his biggest inspiration was the Main Man like ‘Karl tuff enuff Brown’.

1st tracks bought were Kym Sims "too blind to see It", along with Human Resource "dominator".

Favourite producers:

Mr Fingers, Frankie Knuckles, Adonis, Todd Edwards, Tuff Jam, Anthill Mob, New Horizons, Dub Rocca, MK, Tchami.

1st set of decks was a pair of Soundlab dlp 1600’s with a BST mixer with 8 second sampler lol. His best decks were obviously 1210’s, but is currently using cdj's (no laptop, just pitch and vinyl mode)😉

Pirate stations played include: De'ja'vu FM, Mystery FM, Risk FM, Mission FM and Seduction FM, plus a few more that can't be mentioned 😉

Clubs played include: Power House (risky sundays), Oscars, White house , Terrace club, Rumours, Boiler room (Essex), Time & Envy Colchester, Boardwalk, Liquer Lounge, plus numerous bars.

Favourite record labels: Nervous, i records, Confetti, Catch records , Ice cream, Defected, Traxx and XL recordings.

Current activities: DJ at boxing events around Essex and London, occasional club nights, infinitytunes internet radio & seduction fm.

Yours truly; Chicksta


Sat 8-10pm

Revski grew up on 90’s jungle, listening to Kiss FM/Kool FM and is relatively new to the DJ game. Oscar’s in Clacton-on-Sea was the first club he ever went to. He always wanted to learn to mix music and has now started his journey.

His Inspiration comes from all the legends like Hype, Kenny-Ken, Grooverider, Andy C and many more. He bought his first controller decks 2 years ago with the first track purchase being the helicopter tune (Deep blue). He has never played out at a club, just at home with the family.

He likes to mix house aswell as oldskool and also finds current junglist sounds an absolute pleasure to play. He is excited to be part of infinitytunes.

DJ Mikey Lamps

Sun 1130-1pm, Tue 530-7pm & fri 2-4pm (cover fri 6-8pm)

DJ MIKEY LAMPS Originally from north London, Mikey Lamps grew up listening to whatever Pirate Station was going in the early 90's and soon got a passion for the vibe. He turned 18 in ‘96 and discovered the ever evolving Garage scene in the clubs around London and was hooked!! He started collecting vinyl from then on and at 20yrs old ended up on a plane to Tenerife with nothing but a bag of vinyl. He travelled round the islands of Spain for the next 5 years playing in the small bars occasionally whilst having fun in the big clubs. He travelled back to Manchester in 2002 where he took a break from dj’ing for the next 15 years.

After going oldskool raving at clubs like Sankys and Bowlers in Manchester he decided he missed mixing too much and started up again. A year or so later his passion for vinyl had blossomed and he now has an extensive collection of oldskool Garage tunes from the early 90's onwards, which he is sharing with the listeners through Infinitytunes. Also now starting to use Mp3 & Traktor

DJ Paul James

Sun 5-7pm

Info to come


Mon 8-10pm, Wed 9-10pm

Andrew Butler, aka Llamafoot was born 1971 In East London to a musically friendly family. At the age of just 8yrs old, he bought his very first record - "Papas got a brand new bag", which he played so much that his mum threatened to throw it out. His older sister suggested he become a DJ because he loved to play music over and over and just loved playing records for Everyone to hear.

Fast forward to the early 80s when his parents bought and ran a popular East End nightclub and due to a let down from the booked DJ, Llammafoot had the opportunity to play to his first real audience. So at the tender age of 15 the seed for performance was sown. He played every weekend to a ‘surprised to see a kid banging it’ crowd and loved every minute of it. By his early twenties real life took over and work, girlfriends, kids and all the usual stuff took the place of his first love, until a few years ago when his musical desire was rediscovered and enthusiastically welcomed back into his life. His ears are old, his equipment new and his passion enflamed!

He plays Ibiza styled sets with Balearic Spanish melodies, pumping throbbing baselines and uptempo hi hats, but he admits that all music from Classical to Country and Western floats his boat. He looks forward to filling his weekly slot with new upcoming bangers and reministic tunes from the past.


Thur from 9pm

Click picture for mixes from DJ Bowie

From Essex

Bowie’s music styles are varied from hardcore, Old SKOOL club classics, uk garage, 4/4 garage, house & even a bit of old skool R n B. He plays on vinyl & Cdjs, but does prefer to use vinyl, his record collection is second to none ranging from any thing from about 1989 until about

2010 .When he uses the cdjs he does play everything old and new. He also buys and sells Records mostly uk garage just in case there might be a record he hasn’t got .

Bowie’s journey started when he was 15 and went to his first ever rave at oscars nightclub called

The Awaking (and it really was that ) at that time one of his friends (Christian) became one of the promoters of the club as it became one of the top ten clubs in the country with 8 rooms of music and all the top Djs & acts. This inspired Bowie to start Djing, I learnt from one of the best locals dJ EZT (DMC champion).

Bowie started his djing career in a club called Fibbers which he had the free rein to play anything he wanted for the whole night. Then he moved to Oscars playing along side some top Djs. other clubs Bowie regularly played were Rumours, Club M, The boardwalk. Then in 2000 Bowie moved to Tenerife and regularly played in Bobbies bar & a few other bars.Also he has promoted events around Essex including the oscars nights in the mid 2000s ,He has also played on a few pirate radios stations too.

Favourite DJs & Producers, Ratty, Rat Pack, EZT, Mike ruff cut Lloyd,dream team,EZ,MJ Cole, Mark ruff rider,Groove Chronicles,Wideboys,

Favourite tunes, only a few as there’s so many, clubland - lets get busy / Patti day - Right before my eyes / Mark ruff rider - joy & move your body / Jaheim - just in case dubaholics mix (you might say cheese but this is a tune)

Danny J

Thur 7-9pm

Danny J - Born, bred and lived in East London for 37 years; but moved out to North Essex 3yrs ago where he plays Uk/US-House/Garage/2-Step/Speed/4x4/Dance/Oldskl Hardcore/Jungle/DnB using vinyl or ‘black crack’ as it’s known to most vinyl junkies.

He has been around music all his life, with the very first DJ being his late uncle, who once worked for record labels such as, EMI, WEAv& Capital. In the early 90’s Pirate radio was all the rage and was a great way to hear new DJ’s & MC’s show their talent live. He only had this due to being too young for clubbing at that point.

He wasn’t too bad at rhyming, so tried his luck at being an MC for two school friends at the time who wanted to be DJ’s (they wasn’t the greatest of acts), and he went by the name ‘Jnr Smurf MC’ & they were DJ’s Eclipse & Fly.

They performed at many house and private hall parties for a while but nothing too big.

A few years on and after many MC’ing tips from the late Babyface Ragga, MCMV, SMB, 3BASS plus a few others, he decided he was no longer enjoying it.

He found that he was spending far too much time messing about on the streets of East London - trying to stay alive!

It’s also then that he started to realise that Pirate stations were disappearing from the FM dial and DJ’s were getting more attention than the MC’s, so he made the big change from MC’ing to trying his hand at DJ’ing.

He brought his first set of turntables (sound labs) from MC PSG’s brother Steve in early 2000 and spent the next few years teaching himself to mix and spending any money he had on vinyl.

Eventually he could put together a great sounding mix, and after saving enough money he upgraded to a pair of Technic 1210’s.Danny was lucky enough to receive many great tips and tricks from other artists/DJ’s such as - Bizzy b, TDK, Kenny ken, Eclipse, Fly and also from one of our own - Dubwise, plus a few more along the way.

He did have to stop for a few years due to a serious accident in late 2012 where he was almost left paralysed, but after lots of hard work and determination, he found his feet again and to this present day is still a crate-digging vinyl junkie.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported Danny J over the years.

Lillie P


Lillie P is a House DJ and Producer from East London.

Her love of music started at a very young age, and at 22 she decided to embark on a music course at London Sound Academy.

Lillie P has played at some of London’s most renowned clubs, including Ministry of Sound and most recently Amsterdam Spring Break Festival. She has recently released her first track, is now a resident DJ on Infinitytunes online radio, and is looking to take the scene by storm!

Papo Toress


About Papo Torres Papo is a DJ Producer living in London. His passion for music started from a young age in South America listening to his tropical Latin American Music. As he grew up he hung out amongst top DJ's on the clubbing scene.

He then decided to take a DJ course and DJ'd for fun at private parties. Years later Papo now has a solid academic background in music, including Music Production, DJ and Sound Design after studying at Point Blank Music School in London.

His style is mainly house music and he is currently producing Latin house which he is excited to add to his mix, Papo knows how to throw a party.

Papo has delivered DJ sets for spin classes at a corporate gym and most recently DJ'd at the following venues:-

- The Roadtrip & The Workshop of Shoreditch

- Bar & Co boat party for an event on the Thames River, London -

Sunset performance at the MIM Hotel Rooftop Bar in Ibiza, Spain -

Stags Head, Hoxton, London organised by Point Blank Music School