School Policies

Child Safe Policies

12 Child Safe Documents.pdf
0 Horsham PS Child Safe Declar.pdf
6 Student Supervision.pdf
9 Social Media Policy.pdf
1 Child Safe Policy.pdf
4 Working With Children Check_.pdf
7 Visitors Policy.pdf
10 Workplace Bullying Policy &.pdf
Code of Conduct.pdf
5 Volunteers Policy.pdf
11 eLearning-Acceptable Use Po.pdf

Other Policies

4-1-IV-1 Mandatory Reporting P.pdf
HPS Behaviour Booklet.pdf
uniform policy2013 update.pdf
Head lice managament .pdf
Complaints and concerns.pdf
4-1-IV3 HPS Critical_Incident_.pdf
4 - 1 a5 HPS eSmart policy.pdf
3-1-8 Numeracy Policy.pdf
Dogs at School.pdf
Student Supervision.pdf
4-1-II-1b Camps Policy - Horsh.pdf
7-1 Communication of Policies_.pdf
4-2-2 HPS Behaviour Management.pdf
4-1-IV-4 eLearning-Acceptable_.pdf
4-1-IIIb1 Medication Managemen.pdf
eLearning-Acceptable Use Polic.pdf
ICT Acceptable Use Policy -HPS.pdf
HPS Behaviour Management Polic.pdf
4-1-IIIa First Aid Policy.pdf
Anaphylaxis Policy & Procedure.pdf
4-1-II-1a Incursions Policy -_.pdf
2018 HPS Literacy Policy.pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf
School Enrolment and Placement.pdf

Privacy Policy

Horsham Primary School values privacy and uses the Department of Education and Training Victoria's Privacy Policy.

It is available at:

More information for Parents in regards to privacy can be found at: