COVID-19 Dashboard

Homer Community Schools will update the District COVID-19 Dashboard daily by 6 pm, to provide information on the number of positive tests and the number of students and staff in quarantine as reported by the Calhoun County Public Health Department (CCPHD). Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) laws, we cannot disclose the identify or personal information of a staff member or student that has tested positive or is quarantined for COVID-19. Those who test positive for COVID-19 will not return to school until the date provided by the CCPHD.

If we do have a student or staff member that test positive for COVID-19, we will work closely with public health officials. The Calhoun County Public Health Department will investigate and identify close contacts. Only those identified as close contacts by CCPHD will be ordered to quarantine, and will not return to school until the date provided by CCPHD.

The district's full response plan to COVID-19, including all safety and cleaning protocols, can be found in the Return to Learn Plan at

2021-22 COVID-19 Dashboard

Contact Tracing and Quarantine Procedures

On October 2, 2021, the Calhoun County Public Health Department issued an updated quarantine order for all of Calhoun County. Under this order, we must following their procedures for contact tracing and implementing quarantines:

Contact Tracing

  • A close contact is someone that is within 6 feet of a positive individual for more than 15 minutes cumulatively in a 24 hour period.


  • If the close contact is fully vaccinated or has received a positive COVID-19 antigen or PCR test in the past 90 days, and is symptom free, the student does not need to be quarantined.

  • If the close contact is NOT fully vaccinated, the individual must complete a 10 day quarantine or can return to school after a 7 day quarantine with a negative antigen or PCR test taken on day 6 or day 7 after exposure.

We know that it is frustrating and confusing for our families, as many counties around us no longer have quarantine orders in effect. Please understand that we are working hard to comply with mandated regulations, provide a safe environment for our students, and continue to provide all students a quality education.

FREE Rapid Testing

To help provide greater access to rapid testing for our students and staff, we are now offering free testing at the school, Monday through Friday, from 8-9 am and from 2-3 pm. Morning testing is available at the nurse's entrance (in the elementary parking lot). Afternoon testing is available at the superintendent's entrance.

Please fill out the appointment form below to schedule a rapid test appointment.

COVID-19 Notifications

Calhoun County Public Health Department COVID-19 Data