We did it! We successfully completed our first full week of school. I think by Friday, we were already for a nap though.

Picture day envelopes went home this past week in the Family Envelopes. Picture day is not until October 4th but if you want to send in the envelope so you don't lose it I will hold onto them. Remember school pictures are in our winter school uniform.

If it is going to rain at dismissal, would you please not send in an umbrella but rather a coat with a hood on it. Some children have a hard time holding onto their umbrella and I worry that someone could get poked in their eye.

The school is sponsoring a Donation Spirit Day this Friday. What that means is, that your child can dress in their gym uniform with crazy hair (no hair dye). We are asking for a $1 donation that will benefit Hurricane Relief. If your child is going to participate please put a $1 in an envelope with their name on it.

  • MATH-Sorting
  • PHONICS-Rhyming and syllables
  • RELIGION-God Gives Us Life
  • READING-Letter Recognition
  • SCIENCE- Beginning Exploration
  • SOCIAL STUDIES-Friendship/Manners

Our classroom needs magazines. Thanks