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Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 63 credits including Core Courses in:

  • English (12 credits)
  • World Languages (9 credits in one language; successful completion of level 3)
  • History and the Social Sciences (9 credits - The Historian’s Craft, The West in the World: 1492-1870, and The West in the World: 1871 to the Present)
  • Mathematics (9 credits, 3 of which are Algebra 2 and Trigonometry, in Upper School. Summer work will not count toward graduation credits)
  • Pure & Applied Sciences (9 credits, including Biology and 6 additional credits in Upper School science, the final 3 credits can be earned through a One Schoolhouse school year class, not through summer course work; 3 credits of science must be earned during grade 9)
  • Physical Education (6 credits, 1 credit for each trimester or season by taking physical education or dance classes or participating on interscholastic teams in Upper School; 2 of the credits must be taken during junior or senior year. Students are required to take Fundamentals of P.E. by the end of grade 10)
  • Fine and Performing Arts (4 credits in Art, Music, Drama, or Dance if not taken for P.E. credit)
  • Computer Science (1 credit, can be earned by taking Web Development, App Development, Introduction to Engineering, Computer Programming and Robotics, or an approved CS course through One Schoolhouse. Credit must be earned in grades 9-12 )

Electives to complete requirements

The minimum course load in grade 9 is five major courses. In grades 10 through 12, the minimum load is four major courses each trimester. The recommended course load for most students is five majors. Students may take a sixth major with permission of the Upper School Director, although carrying additional academic classes is not advised.

To graduate, a student must have a 70 average in each of her last two years, and her final grade in Senior English must be at least a 70.

Community Service

Fifty hours in grades 9-11, to be completed by the beginning of the senior year; students may begin during the summer between grades 8 and 9.

Swimming Competency

Students must pass a swimming competency test by the end of the first trimester of the senior year.