Presented by the Robert Adams Middle School ELA Department

June 2022

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, and Caretakers:

At Robert Adams Middle School, we understand the importance of both academic and recreational reading. As studies have proven, when students read for pleasure, they benefit in all subjects, not just English. Recreational reading improves vocabulary, spelling, reading fluency, and background knowledge. Additionally, our hope is to build a community of readers, where all students can see themselves reflected in the characters, discuss inspirational experiences of respective protagonists, find excitement and connection in shared readings, and support one another in their reading.

To encourage summer reading, as well as prepare students for start-of-the-year activities and community-building experiences, the summer reading requirements are as follows:

        • REQUIRED:

              • ALL STUDENTS 6-8 must read at least two books of their choice before returning to school in September.

                  • For 8th GRADERS ONLY: choose one fiction book and one nonfiction book.

              • ALL STUDENTS 6-8 must turn in the Summer Reading Form to their English teachers.

        • OPTIONAL:

              • ALL STUDENTS 6-8 have the option to complete the extra credit activities and turn their work in to their English teachers.

Students may opt to buy books; however, books, audiobooks, ebooks and downloadable audiobooks are available from the Holliston Public Library and through the Minuteman Library Network. You might also check out Overdrive, SORA, and Hoopla which also offer access to free audiobooks and ebooks.

When your child completes reading the two books this summer, please print and fill in the Summer Reading Form, and submit it to your English teacher by Wednesday, September 7th. Parents will need to sign off that students completed their summer reading.

The optional extra credit is also due by Wednesday, September 7th. Your child's English teacher will let them know how to submit their optional extra credit work.

We hope you have a wonderful summer filled with magical books!

Happy Reading!

The RAMS English Department

  • This list is for all three grades (6-8), created with input from students, teachers, and librarians.

  • Books with mature content have been noted, but please read reviews to determine the best fit for your student.

  • Books are organized by genre and then alphabetically by authors' last names.

  • With each book listed, you will find:

        • A picture of the book cover

        • The title and author -- which hyperlinks to the author's page

        • An expandable arrow to the right of the title and author, giving way to:

              • A summary of the book

              • Hyperlinks to full reviews

              • Hyperlinks to Common Sense Media reviews

  • Students are NOT required to choose books from this list, as there are many other titles that suit students' interest, reading skills, and maturity level.

ALL STUDENTS 6-8 must print and complete the Summer Reading Form.