Objectives of our club

The HKCWCC Film Review and Appreciation Club, through appreciating cinematic arts, aims to- introduce students to various genres of film with a direct connection to literature- foster cultural and social awareness as well as aesthetic development in students- sustain students’ critical-thinking skills- nurture students’ self-reflection- train up students’ self-expression- enhance students’ presentation techniques- teach students how to write up film critiques


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Year plan 2021-2022

Committee Member List 2021-2022


  • 5D04 Huang Long Ching

Vice chairperson

  • 5A25 Lee Tin Ching

Hon Treasurer

  • 5A02 Chan Yin Yan

Hon Secretary

  • 5B03 Ho Choi Kiu

General Affair Secretary

  • 5B25 Ng Cheuk Yin

  • 5C01 Chin Tsz Huen

  • 5C02 Fung Wing Sze

  • 5D30 Wong Tsz Chung

Publicity Secretary

  • 3E20 Lee Lok Hei

  • 5A05 Hui Wing Kei

  • 5C07 Liang Wing Man


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