Note: This is a list of all the indexes known to exist. The 1966 index is the first known index, which was likely based on photostats of the microfilmed records and is incomplete. The index to the papers created by Patsy Ludwig Castro and Jose Pantoja builds on this 1966 index and includes both physical and microfilmed documents, but not all of the English-language documents; at the time, the documents did not have unique IDs. The "Index to the Pueblo Papers (current)" is the most up-to-date index, using Patsy and Jose's index as a starting point, with added unique IDs for each document to match the scanned records.

Pueblo Paper scans

Note: The unique IDs for each document match the IDs in the current index


These are scans of the assorted translations completed by Works Progress Administration volunteers in the 1930s, and by Jose Pantoja and Patsy Ludwig Castro c. 2000.