HIS Peace Ride club

Peace Ride

What is Peace Ride?

Our mission is to promote peace and well-being by participating in a demanding physical activity with symbolic significance.

Our goal is to spread awareness of three issues among teenagers all over the world:


On the Peace Ride, we ride a total of about 450 kilometres, the distance from the Hiroshima Peace Park to Nagasaki Peace Park. By pushing ourselves to ride this symbolic journey, we hope to share our knowledge, wishes and hopes to create a better world for everyone.


Our goal is to physically and mentally develop ourselves through teamwork, personal practices, and perseverance in order to achieve a shared goal. To prepare for the actual peace ride trip, we practice every week as a form of training.


We promote cycling as a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly mode of transport, which helps us stay healthy. We encourage people to try cycling tourism as a low-impact way to visit an area.