Llano County COVID-19 Response

APPOINTMENTS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TO PEOPLE 18+, click the photo below to go to our Appointment Page.

If you are technologically challenged, a family member or friend is welcome to sign you up or email us at vaccine@hillcountrydirectcare.com or call us and leave a message at 325-216-9641.

We will be posting updates each time we add new appointments on Facebook under "Llano County Health Authority": https://m.facebook.com/Llano-County-Health-Authority-336855881025038/

Click the photo to see all currently available vaccine clinic appointments. We are attempting to release appointments each Monday or Tuesday.

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Clinic Cancellation

In accordance with the guidance released this morning by the CDC and the Department of State Health Services, we are canceling the Johnson & Johnson vaccine clinic that was to take place at the Kingsland Community Center and Methodist Church in Llano this week.

This will not affect any of our efforts to use the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. Specifically, the Pfizer vaccine clinic for teens on Wednesday and Thursday in Kingsland and Llano, the second dose Moderna vaccines that are scheduled 4/14 at Mid Coast Hospital, the Moderna vaccines scheduled at Corner Drug and Hill Country Direct Care, as well as the second dose Moderna vaccines that are scheduled for 4/22 at the Kingsland Community Center are unaffected by this guidance released by the CDC. We plan to proceed with these events.

For the foreseeable future, individuals who wish to have a Covid vaccine are encouraged to contact Corner Drug, Bay Pharmacy, Mid Coast Health Care, or Hill Country Direct Care to schedule a Moderna vaccine appointment. They may also check for our sign-ups at the Corner Drug Facebook page, and website, as well as the Hill Country Direct Care Facebook page and the www.Llanocountycovid.com website.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has not been recalled, the CDC is asking that we pause vaccine rollouts with this vaccine while they investigate reports of blood clots. This occurred in a very small fraction of individuals who had this vaccine (less than one in 1 million). Individuals who have had this vaccine should watch for signs of blood clots which include shortness of breath, leg swelling, and sudden unilateral leg pain. Individuals with these signs and symptoms should contact their physician.

Jack Franklin MD

Llano County LHA

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