Referral Form Individual Guidance Permission Form

Please use these forms to initiate individual guidance services. These are used for short-term and crisis based counseling to support students and families.

School Counselor Request Form

This Google Form can be completed electronically by parents, teachers and students.

Ms. Wetzel's Building Schedule

Monday - Sharon Elementary: ext. 4108

Tuesday - Hinckley Elementary: ext. 3109

Wednesday - Granger Elementary: ext. 2110

Thursday - Sharon Elementary

Friday - Granger Elementary

Email: mwetzel@highlandschools.org

To contact our Mental Health Liasion-Rini Ohlemacher; rohlemacher@highlandschools.org

Referral to Outside Agencies

Highland Local Schools works closely with OhioGuidestone to provide services such as individual and group counseling to students at home and in-school. We are also aware of various programs for substance abuse, eating disorders, emergency safety, and other mental health treatments.

Agency Referral Admission Form

5th grade students complete the P&G Maturation Program. The girls complete the program in the fall, and the boys complete the program in the spring. Below are the videos that students watch as part of the program.

Girls Maturation Video Boys Maturation Video

Stay Safe and Speak Up! Student Hotline

The Stay Safe and Speak Up! Student Hotline can be utilized for students 24 hours a day in order to report issues that affect education or safety. Students are able to call or complete an online report.