7th Grade- Wolfpack Team

Taylor Barnhardt, Math


Hi! My name is Taylor Barnhardt and I teach 7th grade math at Grandview. This is my second year as an eagle and my first year as the head cheerleading coach. I love working with children and instilling the love of mathematics among young adolescents!


Resources & information

Daily Schedule:

  • Advisory: 7:30-8:00
  • Planning: 8:03-9:32*
  • 2nd Period: 9:35-11:04
  • 3rd Period: 11:07-12:58
  • 4th Period: 1:01-2:35

Remind code for all classes: @kf44ek

Additional resources for instruction:

    • iReady
    • Khan Academy
    • Prodigy (class code: 94B4EE)

*The best way to contact me is via email or by calling (828) 328-2289 during my planning period.