Hickory High School

Counseling Department

Counselor & Student Services Duties 2022-2023

Jennie Lovelace

School Counselor for 10th-12th graders last names A-G

College Board SSD (accommodations) Liaison

Senior affairs Co-Coordinator

Foreign Exchange Students

Social Media

Governor’s School

Summer Programs

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Tiffany Botkins

School Counselor for 10th-12th graders last names H-O

Department Chair & Cabinet

ALP/Core/Inspired Learning

College Application Week

AP-Backup Coordinator

Cohort Graduation Rate

Registration, Scheduling, & Curriculum Guide

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Torez Leach

School Counselor for 10th-12th graders last names P-Z

Military Contact

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery

NCAA Clearinghouse

LR & CVCC Contact

Behavior Intervention Plans


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Jason Stephens

School Counselor for FRESHMEN


Foster Care

McKinney Vento

Restorative Justice

Behavior Intervention Plans

Website & Counselor's Corner Newsletter

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Marcus Springs

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate

School Behaviorist

Melissa Stone

Data Manager

Enrollments/Withdrawals (with Crystal)

Grades/Historical Credits

Jeanne Turner

Career Development Coordinator

Career Counseling

CTE Curriculum & Testing

Special Populations

Career Internships/Apprenticeships

Employment Opportunities Liaison

Youth Career Advisement & Worker's Permit

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Crystal England

Counseling Department Administrative Assistant

Cumulative Records maintenance

Enrollments/Withdrawals (with Ms. Stone)

ACT/SAT Fee Waiver Materials

College Recruiter Contact

Record Keeping – including 504 plans

Outside Agency Contact

All counselors will work with:

Academic Counseling (IEP, Individual & group counseling, parent conferences)

Student Attendance

CFNC Workshop

Classroom Guidance

College and Career Planning

Common Core/Essential Standards

Community & Public Relations

Comprehensive Counseling Program

Cumulative Records

Dropout Prevention

Open Houses

Personal/Social Counseling (attendance, discipline, social behavior, etc.)

Registration and Scheduling

SST Committee

Transcript Analysis


504 plans