Database of Natural Disasters in Israel (NDI)


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Floods in Israel

The following review includes floods that caused loss of life or significant damages exceeding millions of NIS.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, floods have been the most serious natural disasters that have affected the country.


The list below includes earthquakes measuring 5 or more on the Richter scale that struck Israel. The Dead Sea rift is an area of active geological faults along a border of tectonic plates that experiences latitudinal movement of 105 km.

Miscellaneous Natural Disasters

Sinkholes cause the destruction of roads. Dust storm, drought damage to agriculture. Hail and floods.

Forest Fires

The list details forest fires affecting areas of 1,000 dunams or more.

The number of forest fires in Israel ranges from 300 to 700 a year. The largest forest fire in Israel occurred on Mt. Carmel in December 2010

Droughts in Israel

The review includes climactic droughts extending over three consecutive years, as well as years when extreme droughts occurred in different parts of Israel.

Booklet natural disasters in Israel

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