Prof. Lea Wittenberg

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

University of Haifa, ISRAEL

I am a physical Geographer at the Geography and Environmental Studies department, the University of Haifa, Israel. I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK in 2003, in the area of fluvial geomorphology and sediment transport . In recent years my research focuses on the role of disturbances in Mediterranean ecosystems and specifically on understanding the impact of wildfires on soil-vegetation dynamics, hydrological and erosional processes. Methodologically, I use field and laboratory experiments to explore the role of fire on vegetation regeneration, soil and ash properties.

I am currently engaged in several European and local projects addressing fire (including post- fire management) effects on the ecosystem, urban hydrology and ecosystem services. I am the author of more than 70 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. I also serve as associated editor in "land Degradation and Development" and a member of COMLAND steering committee, the Commission on Land Degradation & Desertification - International Geographic Union. I am a board member and the head of the scientific committee of the Israel Nature and Park Authority and an Executive Committee member, The Shamir Research Institute.

Beside my academic research I serve as the University president's advisor on gender equality and women promotion.