Here you can learn about the services available and how they can help you take control of your symptoms.


At its core - Physiotherapy is the healthcare practice focused on improving and restoring movement. Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals with knowledge of the human body, mechanics and tissue healing. The combination of this knowledge and skills such as manual therapy, dry needling and exercise can help get you moving after surgery, sports injuries or even neck, back and shoulder pain after workings hours at a desk. 

At Herring Cove Physiotherapy all sessions are one-on-one. An initial assessment of your condition will be completed and using that information will help develop a rehabilitation program specific to helping you achieve your movement related goals. 

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a specialty area of physical therapy practice that is based on manual examination and treatment techniques (soft tissue work, joint mobilizations) integrated with exercise, patient education and potential other modalities to address pain, loss of function and wellness. 

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are movements and physical activities recommended to help restore function, flexibility and strength or even decrease pain in some situations. Depending on your condition therapeutic exercises may be recommended if appropriate. 

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment technique performed by a Physiotherapist certified in the procedure. A small monofilament needle is use to penetrate the skin and underlying muscle trigger points with the aim of helping pain management and movement impairments


Taping is a temporary technique commonly used with the goal of restricting the movement of injured joints, soft tissue compression, supporting anatomical structures, and as protection from re-injury.