We shift the narrative from victim to hero, enabling children & families to thrive in new societies.

Empowering New Beginnings

Hero To Be is a multi-award-winning non-profit organization based in Stockholm, committed to enhancing the well-being, resilience, and integration of children and families from immigrant and refugee backgrounds. 

Since our inception in 2015, we have positively transformed the lives of over 62,242 individuals across Sweden and Europe through our innovative psychosocial support programs.

Leveraging culturally-adaptive narratives, we redefine their journey, making them the heroes of their own stories.


Our mission is to revolutionize psychosocial support by bridging the latest research with real-world applications. We utilize a distinctive blend of storytelling, digital communication, and culturally adaptive narratives to not only educate but also empower individuals. Our programs are crafted to transform the narrative from victim to hero, enabling each person to thrive in new societal settings and fostering a stronger, more inclusive community.


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