Coronavirus Closure Information

A Message from Superintendent Terry Price, April 2, 2020

We are so proud of the work you have done at home in the first three weeks of our school closure. We understand that this transition to an online or packet format of instruction has been difficult for some, including teachers, students and parents. We appreciate your resolve and your determination to press forward. Your work is important, your effort matters and your time and collaboration is appreciated!

I also want to recognize the dedication of our administrators, teachers, transportation staff, food service staff, custodial staff and central office staff. These are some of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with in 30 years in education. We are here for our kids, we love our kids, and we miss our kids.

I know this message is lengthy, but please take the time to read it in its entirety as all the information it contains is incredibly important as we move forward with this school year.

In a conference call Thursday, April 2, with Governor Andy Beshear, our recommended closure window was extended to May 1, meaning our first day back to school would be Monday, May 4, not Monday, April 20, as was previously recommended. We recognized the fluidity of this situation and were prepared for such an extension.

Beginning Monday, April 13, new Wildcat Day (NTI or Non-Traditional Instruction) packets will be available for pick-up at each school. Your schools will communicate more specific details of the pick-up process, but in general Eastern Elementary School, Henry County Middle School and Henry County High School will hold packet pickup on Monday, April 13, and Tuesday, April 14, from 10am to 3pm each day. New Castle Elementary School will hold packet pick-up on Monday, April 13, from 10am to 3pm and again on Tuesday, April 14, from 10am to noon. Campbellsburg Elementary School will have its packet pick up available on Monday, April, 13 from 9am to 3pm, and again on Tuesday, April 14, from 10am to noon. Packets for preschool students enrolled in the Henry County Early Childhood Center can be collected at any elementary school on their scheduled pick-up days.

After spring break (the week of April 6-10), we will be making exciting changes to the way we are delivering meals to our families that we hope will be safer for all and more convenient as well. In order to further minimize the risk of exposure, we will transition to distributing meals weekly instead of daily, and at our schools instead of from the Cats Café bus stop locations. And the best news is that you’ll be receiving seven days of meals instead of five!

On Monday, April 13, one breakfast and one lunch will be provided for curbside pickup at each of our schools, with the exception of Henry County Middle School, between 10am and noon. On Tuesday, April 14, six days of breakfasts and lunches can be picked up at any school other than Henry County Middle School, again between 10am and noon. After that, weekly meal distribution will occur each Monday through the closure at any school other than Henry County Middle School from 10am to noon.


Again, our meals are for ANY child in Henry County that is 18 years of age or younger. There are no other requirements or restrictions. Each daily meal is comprised of a complete and nutritious breakfast and lunch.

There will only be a few exceptions that could qualify a family for home delivery of meals: the child is home alone and cannot drive; the family has no transportation; or the family has a medical hardship that makes it impossible to complete a pick up at one of our schools. Any family who would like to be considered for home delivery (even if you are already receiving a home delivery) MUST submit a request using this linked document: or by calling (502) 845-8600 before April 12, 2020.

In closing, please know that we are here to support you. We appreciate all that you are doing. We know that this is a difficult time. If we can be of any assistance to you and your family, please reach out to us. We are family, we are in this together and we WILL get through this!

A Message from Superintendent Terry Price, March 23

In an effort to clarify my last notification, please be advised that we continue to empty our buildings of personnel, sending all but essential staff members home for the duration of the recommended closure through April 17. Principals, secretaries, custodians, instructional assistants and teachers are now asked to avoid coming into their schools.

Also, all HCPS buildings are now CLOSED to all visitors, including each school, supplemental buildings and the Central Office. There will be limited staff available at the Central Office to assist you by phone or email. Please call 845-8600 if we can help you.

In the most recent conference call with Governor Beshear, he advised the state's superintendents that the recommended school closure, which currently would end on April 17, could possibly be extended through May 1. In that event, we would provide additional Non-Traditional Instruction Days, aka Wildcat Days. As of today, we are planning to return to school on Monday, April 20.

Our plan is to continue our mobile feeding program throughout our closure. With the exception of our Spring Break week (April 6-10), you can pick up a breakfast and lunch for your children (ANY child 18 years of age or younger) at a number of locations throughout the county. We will pick back up with the feeding program the week of March 30.

As more information is made available, I will pass it along to you. Again, thank you so much for working with us through this challenging situation. We appreciate your support and cooperation.


A Message from Superintendent Terry Price

Following the recommendation made today by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, Henry County Public Schools will extend its closure due to the Coronavirus through April 17, with the intention of bringing students back to school on Monday, April 20.

We will continue our mobile feeding program for the next two weeks (the weeks of March 23 and March 30). We will NOT provide our mobile feeding program the week of our scheduled Spring Break, April 5. We will pick back up with providing breakfast and lunch daily the week of April 13.

Please continue to follow the best practices outlined by the CDC in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please be safe and healthy! If you have a need we can address, please call us at 845-8600.

In accordance with the governor’s recommendation, Henry County Public Schools will be closed beginning Monday, March 16, through Friday, April 3. The week of April 5 through 10 will remain our spring break. As of now, students will return to school on Monday, April 13.

For this closure, we will be implementing Non-Traditional Instruction days (NTI), also known as “Wildcat Days.” This means that students will be provided learning materials and opportunities while at home, either online or with hardcopy packets. Each school will be communicating with its respective families with specific information on how to access these materials. During the closure, teachers will be available to students each day via a variety of options (email, phone, apps, etc.) to explain assignments, answer questions and provide other instructional support.

During this closure, all school trips, athletic activities (including games and practices), club meetings, academic competitions, and any other extracurricular activities are suspended until further notice.

We will also offer sack breakfast and lunches daily during the closure for all children in Henry County up to 18 years of age, beginning Tuesday, March 17. We are finalizing details for site locations and times to provide these meals, and if children are unable to collect a meal from a feeding location, we will make every effort to create an alternative delivery option. These meals are available to all without regard to economic status; we encourage you to take advantage of this offer.

This situation is unprecedented and challenging, and our plans will need to be fluid and adjustable. We have our students and their well-being forefront and foremost in all that we do, especially in a difficult situation like this. We appreciate your patience and collaboration, and will be communicating with you as needed using One Calls, Infinite Campus, email, our website and social media. Please check these sources often for new information.