Mrs. Lisianna Wilson

Background Info

Hello there! I'm starting my time at Luella High School for the 2020-2021 school year after five years of teaching middle school science in Mississippi. Before that, I spent three years teaching high school in Alabama. In those 8 years I taught every grade from 6th-12th grade in physical science, biology, and Earth and space. Over the years I have also sponsored the Beta Club, Drama Club, 4-H Club, and a STEM Club.

I obtained both my B.S. in Biology and my M.Ed. in Secondary Education-General Science from the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, AL.

Georgia is the fifth state I have lived in and I very much look forward to adding some favorite moments from my time here to my list below.

A few of my favorite things and moments

Below are a few images from some of my favorite experiences so far.

The picture shows Mrs. Wilson's round white face leaning in from the left of the picture with a pink baseball cap, brown sunglasses that have rhinestones on the edge. She is wearing a green and white shirt and is standing in front of a body of water that is surrounded by trees. On a log in the water is an alligator sunbathing.

Thar be gators!

I enjoy hiking when I get the chance, but you've always got to be on the lookout for Mother Nature's pets. This was taken at the Gulf Islands Natural Seashore in Ocean Springs, MS.

The picture shows 3 people in the foreground standing in line in front of a few stores.  A Black man with a mostly black with some white hairs, short-trimmed beard and mustache, bald head, and wire framed glasses with a slight smile giving a Vulcan salute (hand held flat with the middle and ring finger split apart and thumb held out) in a cream and tan button up shirt, a Black teenager with tall twists in his black hair, a closed mouth smile, and wearing glasses with a black jacket and making the Vulcan salute, and a shorter white woman smiling with her teeth showing and with short brown hair wearing a blue shirt, green glasses, and giving the Vulcan salute.

Live Long and Prosper

My husband, stepson, and I were waiting in line to see one of our favorite Star Trek franchise actors, THE William Riker, aka Jonathan Frakes., outside the Saenger Theater in Pensacola, FL at Pensacon.

Image shows two women posing for a picture. One is a shorter and heavier than the other. They both are white and have brown hair. The taller one is wearing a blue NASA jumpsuit with several patches, including an American flag on the shoulder. The shorter one is wearing a light green shirt with a blue and white sweater and glasses.

Meeting Astronauts!

A few years ago I got to attend a conference at the NASA Space Center in Huntsvville, AL, and met two real-life astronauts! This is Serena Auñón-Chancellor. She spent 6 months on the ISS in 2018. You can learn more here.

The picture shows 5 people of various genders and races wearing solar eclipse glasses, smiling and looking at the sky.

Some of my middle school students in Mississippi and I as we observed the solar eclipse that occurred in 2017.

Picture is of a white woman smiling and showing her teeth, wearing a light tan colored straw floppy hat and dark gray sunglasses, a multicolor pink shirt under a blue and black life jacket surrounded by trees.

Again, not something I get to do nearly often enough, but that I truly love doing, is canoeing and swimming. This was taken in 2015 on a river that borders the Alabama/Mississippi state lines.

Picture shows a white woman with short brown hair and glasses, smiling and leaning out of the door of a TARDIS (a prop from the tv show Doctor Who). She's wearing a blue shirt with white writing that has the number 42 in large letters inside of a white circle that has the phrase "The answer to the life, the universe, and everything.

I love all things science, even science fiction! Doctor Who is among my favorites. This replica of the T.A.R.D.I.S. is owned by a group out of New Orleans, LA. My shirt is a reference to that great sci-fi classic, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Picture is of a family of three: a white woman with short brown hair and glasses wearing a fall themed brown shirt and slight smile, a teenage Black boy with black twisted hair wearing glasses and black shirt showing a map of New York subways and sticking his tongue out, and a bald Black man with a mustache and goatee smiling, wearing a light blue button up shirt and glasses.

We really enjoy music in our family and for years drove over to Mobile, AL to enjoy the outdoor symphony put on by the Mobile Pops twice a year at the Cottage Hill Park.