Simple Machines

Digital Breakout

Clue #1

A wedge is made out of _____ inclined planes. Watch the video below and then write the number of inclined planes it takes to make a wedge for the answer to Clue #1.

Clue #2

Read the short article to the left. Identify the turning point on a lever. Use this word to unlock clue #2.

Clue #3

What simple machine is pictured to the left? It's simply an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder. Use the term to unlock Clue #3

Clue #4

To unlock Clue #4, watch the video below and then answer the following question: If you want to use less effort to lift a load, you should use more pulleys and a _______ rope.

Clue #5

To unlock Clue #5 listen to the video and then complete this sentence. A inclined plane is a flat surface where one end is ___________ than the other. Fill in the missing word to unlock the clue!

Clue #6

The last simple machine is actually made up of two parts. This simple machine is called a wheel and _______. Figure out the missing word and use that word to unlock clue #6.