Dr. Seuss Digital Breakout for K-2

Welcome to a K-2 Digital Breakout in honor of Dr. Seuss! The Google Form is your recording sheet. Record your clues as you solve each puzzle. You may only submit once you've entered all 5 clues correctly. Remember each clue must be entered in all capital letters.

Clue #1: Watch the video below based on the book Green Eggs and Ham then answer this question: What is the main color of the train in the story?

Clue #2: Once he tries green eggs and ham, does he like them? YES or NO?

Clue #3: Click on this link and select the game "Fox in Socks": http://www.seussville.com/#/games

Play the game to find the rhyming words, then answer this question: What word rhymes with "Seuss"? CABOOSE or SOUP

Clue #4: Go to the link below and solve the puzzle and answer this question: Who is the character in the puzzle? Do not include the word "The" in your answer.

Clue #5: What is the punctuation at the end of the sentence in the picture to the right called?