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Kindergarten Winter Foxes

I absolutely love how these cozy winter foxes turned out!

The kindergarteners learned how to draw a fox with just 3 shapes, then they got to add their own background and details with crayons. The finishing touch was some white paint snow and, of course, glitter.

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express!

1st graders read a book with that title and learned how to draw a reindeer. They used sharpies, paint, construction paper, glue and glitter to create these sparkly reindeer.

Projects that use multiple materials like this are called "multi-media" projects.

It's beginning to look a lot like... Winter!

2nd graders learned about the 3 layers of a landscape: Foreground, Middle Ground & Background, to paint a Winter Landscape. They also learned about the words Tint (adding white) and Shade (adding black) to make things appear close or far away.

The last step was adding white paint and snow glitter! I love how sparkly they look!

Brrr... it's cold outside! Need some hot cocoa?

Then check out these 1st grade paintings!

Heather Galler-Inspired Mugs

1st graders were introduced to the work of Folk Artist Heather Galler's bright colors, patterns and design. They loved her work! We created a background with oil pastels and watercolor first. The next class period, we colored the cups & saucers with marker, including adding hot cocoa inside the cup (and some marshmallows!). The final step? Outlining the cup and saucer in black paint, adding a handle & adding some steam. They look just as fun and colorful as they do tasty!

Henri Rousseau's Tiger

2nd grade

After learning about the artist Henri Rousseau, students followed step-by-step drawing directions to learn how to draw a tiger peeking out of jungle leaves.

When it was time for painting, we talked about warm and cool colors and how they compliment each other. Then students got to mix various tints of green for the leaves. In the background, they got to choose blue, purple or swirls of both (cool colors to make their warm tiger pop!)

The finishing touch was gluing plastic green leaves on top to add a 3-dimensional effect!

Gobble Gobble!

Look at these colorful Kindergarten turkeys! These smart artists learned about warm and cool colors this week and how pairing the two can result in bright, eye-popping color combinations.

Watercolor Winter Landscapes

6th graders learned 5 different watercolor techniques on different pieces of paper. When the papers were dry, they ripped the edges on 4 of the papers to create snow-capped mountains. Once they glued it all together they had a snowy mountain landscape. I love the wintry colors and all of the different textures on the mountains!

Shining Winter Trees!

3rd graders used metallic oil pastels & chalk pastels to create this fun holiday project!

Fauve Self-Portraits

4th grade

The 4th graders learned about the Art movement called Fauvism and what it means- "wild beast!" In addition, they learned about how the Fauvists used WILD and unrealistic colors! So they completed their own self-portraits using black ink, chalk pastels, oil pastels and watercolor paints.

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins

3rd Grade

We had so much fun learning about Japanese Contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama and her obsession with DOTS! We listened to this book about her life:

Using oil pastels and liquid watercolors, students created their own vibrant color, dot-filled pumpkins.

Geometric African Animal Sculptures

6th grade

After learning about where geometric designs originated from (Africa & the Middle East), students chose a sub-Saharan African animal to create using cardboard, glue and paint. They used chalk pastels to create and blend a bright sunset background and then finished the project by adding geometric designs with sharpies. I love the contrast between the simple paint colors and the bright background, as well as all of the different patterns that students came up with!

Woven Fall Trees

3rd grade

The 3rd graders did so great on their first Fiber Arts project! They learned about "warp" and "weft" as well as the 3 layers of a landscape- foreground, middleground & background. They painted their 3 layers on a plate, cut slots for the yarn, added their warp with brown yarn for the trunk and branches and then finally, after 3 weeks of work, got to add the weft- the colorful fall leaves. I think they turned out really awesome and I'm proud of their hard work on this one!

Project credit: Cassie Stephens

My Pumpkin's Starry Night

1st grade

1st graders learned about the artist Vincent van Gogh and his use of movement and contrast in his paintings. They received instructions on how to draw a bumpy pumpkin and then added movement with lines in the grass and sky. They finished the project with liquid watercolors.

1st grade- Kitten's First Full Moon Drawings

We read the book "Kitten's First Full Moon" by Kevin Henkes together as a class and talked about the texture and contrast in the illustrations. Everyone drew the kitten in a tree together, and then learned 2 different ways to use charcoal to get texture and contrast. We all had fun getting our hands messy!

Alma Woodsey Thomas-Inspired Trees (1st grade)

1st Graders learned about the amazing abstract artist, Alma Woodsey Thomas, and her unique painting style. Then they tried out her style and finished their paintings by drawing a tree silhouette in front of it.

5th grade Sandra Silberzweig-Inspired Portraits

5th graders learned about the artist Sandra Silberzweig with her unique portrait style and bold use of colors. They also learned about Analogous colors- colors that are beside each other on the color wheel and which mix well together. These artists each drew a portrait in Silberzweig's style and added bright, bold analogous colors to fill in the extra space. They turned out so cool!

2nd Grade Clay Birds

For this clay project, the 2nd graders focused on the different textures that can be achieved with clay as well as how to create a slab, sphere & coil- the 3 basic clay building techniques. To finish them, they used an oil/ink resist, coloring bright oil pastels on top of the textured clay and then dipping them in black ink for a bright contrast. Then students got to add hangers and legs with pipe cleaners and beads.

I love how each bird has a personality all their own!

Line and Shape Design Pumpkins


It's beginning to look like Fall in the Elementary hallway! The kindergarteners had so much fun drawing the pumpkins that I brought into the classroom a couple of weeks ago. It's so important for their development to draw things that they can see in front of them and the squeals when they walked into the room when they saw a bunch of pumpkins was icing on the cake! We added line and shape designs in a radial pattern for the background and made them as colorful as possible.

3rd Grade Value Cats

The 3rd graders learned about the Value and how to mix paints to get tints (adding white) and shades (adding black). They painted their cats as many different shades and tints of gray as they liked. Then they cut them out, glued them onto bright paper and added contrasting color line and shape designs on top. I love how unique each one is!

6th Grade Animal Eyes

The 6th graders learned some eye-drawing techniques and then chose an animal eye to draw on their own. They also learned how to layer and scratch away layers of oil pastels.

Radial Rainbow Prints - 5th grade

The 5th graders learned about radial symmetry last spring and painted a colorful radial design with watercolors. This fall they finally got to finish the project! They created a printing plate out of styrofoam with a curved design and then used black ink and brayers (rollers) to print the same design 4 times on top of their watercolor pattern. This created a radial pattern with bright colors underneath. They look so awesome!

Animals in their Natural Habitat drawing- 4th grade

The 4th graders worked really hard on these realistic animal drawings. They had to learn how to draw an animal realistically by using a drawing guide and then they had to create a realistic natural habitat using three layers- foreground, middle ground and background. They also learned how items in a landscape, like grass or water, get lighter as they are farther away.

They learned a lot of new concepts in this project and I'm proud of their hard work!

Kindergarten Cactus Paintings

The kindergarteners spent the past 2 weeks learning about the primary and secondary colors.

We drew a cactus together and then painted certain parts of it with primary colors. On the last day of the project, the students got to experiment with how to mix the color green, a secondary color. My favorite part of this project is all of the gasps and "woah!" reactions when they get to mix 2 colors together to create a new color.

I also love that even with all of the same instructions for how to draw a cactus every single on turns out differently!

4th Grade Fabulous Frogs!

Aren't these frogs fabulous? This is another project that these students began as 3rd graders last spring and then school was cancelled before we got to finish them! So it was very fun to hand them back at the start of this year and let the students choose to glaze or paint them. I love the different personalities they added to each one!

5th grade Clay Animals

The 5th graders finally got to finish the clay animals they created last spring! They got to sculpt an animal of their choice out of clay and paint it after it was fired.

1st Grade Dream Houses

After reading "The Big Orange Splot" by Daniel Pinkwater, the 1st graders designed, colored and painted unique houses that they would like to live in someday.

2nd Grade Abstract Expressionist Self-Portraits

The 2nd graders learned about Abstract Expressionism (Line! Shape! Color!) and created their own paintings in that style. They also took photos and answered questions about themselves, then put it all together for a colorful artwork all about themselves!

Kindergarten Self-Portraits

This is one of my favorite drawings to do with Kindergarteners! They all turn out so unique, just like the kids who drew them.

3rd Grade

Claude Monet-Inspired Water Lilies

Although they did 85% of the work (painting paper, making a watercolor background, using tissue paper to create a lily pad) in 2nd grade, they finally got a chance to put it all together as 3rd graders and they turned out really beautiful!

Fish Collage- 1st grade

Even though they are now 1st graders, these amazing fish collages were 90% created last year in Kindergarten. Due to our early end of school, the kids couldn't do the very last step of assembling the project until this week! I'm so glad to see them put together and finished!