Manufacturing Days

Manufacturing Days 2020

Virtual Manufacturing Days

  • The LIFT network and J2 Marketing partnered with HEA for a virtual experience for students.

  • J2 Marketing created 9 short videos for the region. Students accessed these videos on the assigned MFG Day.

  • HEA provided lesson plans for before and after the Virtual Manufacturing experience.

  • After watching the videos students received a chance to interact with manufacturers in Elkhart County. HEA organized live discussions and tours with businesses and allowed space for students to interact and ask questions to the businesses.

Manufacturing Days 2021

In-Person Manufacturing Days

  • HEA partnered with manufacturers for in-person and virtual events.

  • Manufacturers provide activity stations for students to rotate through.

  • 1-to-1 school to manufacturer partnership.

  • 2 hour visits instead of 1 hour.

  • Manufacturers interact with schools before and after MFG Day.

  • Manufacturers (if their company was affected by COVID) presented their Manufacturing Day virtually or at the school.

Lesson Plans for Virtual Manufacturing Days:

Special Thank You to our Business Partners!