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Strategies for Succeeding in Math

  • Do your homework every night…NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Check your final answer in the back of the book and follow up on the questions that were incorrect.
  • Make sure you can do questions without assistance. If you are using your notes, friends or Mr. Brown for help, you need to highlight those questions and make sure you can answer them on your own without assistance before the test.
  • Take notes.
  • Follow the form used in the notes. A lot of students take shortcuts on their homework and think they will remember to include the necessary steps on the test which is usually not the case. This usually results in ‘form’ issues and ‘silly’ mistakes.
  • Make study notes. These can include definitions, formulas and difficult questions. Update your study notes after each lesson.
  • Use the math clinic and/or Credit Rescue effectively for extra assistance.
  • Do a “Rapid Fire” review. Look at the questions from your homework and notes and think about how you would solve them. Then look at the solutions to see if you were on the right track. This may help students that freeze up on tests. The more questions you see and know how to complete, the less likely you will forget them on the test.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. If you ever want extra review, go back and complete the other questions that were not assigned. For example, if #5ace was assigned, go back and do #5bdf.
  • Read through your notes before a test and re-do the examples BEFORE looking at the solutions.