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Mme Kampe

Dear Families,

Bonjour! Welcome all students to a new and exciting 2018-2019 school year at Robert Baldwin Public School! My name is Madame Kampe and this year I teach Grade 3/4 FI!

The new Ontario Core French Curriculum has a focus on four distinctive but very interconnected strands: listening, speaking, reading and writing. To enhance content retention, various ways of teaching will be included in our learning process (gestures, art, games, songs, videos, drama, and use of technology). Please encourage your child to try to speak French as much as possible during French class as I always foster a high level of participation from each and every student.

Learning in general, and learning French in particular, should continue even after the school hours for which reason I strongly encourage all parents to get involved with their child's learning. One way parents can support their child is by showing interest in their class learning. Please feel free to ask your child about any new vocabulary that we are learning in class. Students are encouraged to review notes on a daily basis, practise vocabulary and pronunciation, and rehearse for presentations at school as well as at home. Assigned home reading should be done on a daily basis. To enhance our French experience, students will have regular opportunities to use technology during class.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at I am looking forward to an amazingly positive learning experience together!


Mme V. Kampe