MDHS Learning Commons

Let's Get Reading the White Pine

and Tamarac Nominees!

We are happy to announce that the White Pine and Tamarac Nominees are HERE and they are ready to be read!

Where will YOU start!?

Semester 2 Means the Library is OPEN!!

The portables are ready!! What does this mean? YOUR CLASSES can come in!

We will have reorganized the space to allow for two classes to use the space each period so everything will be moved around as well!

The library is still OPEN during lunch for quiet individual study!! When entering please remember that if there are no chairs available then we are considered full. Keep your masks on. There is still no eating and you cannot currently sit on the floor.

Take a wander through the other Virtual Collections we have advertised throughout the school year on our Virtual Libraries Page!

Happy Reading!!

Now you can search for books that suit your interests and get ideas for the newest and best books coming out!

MD Library and Learning Commons Pandemic Orientation

Did you know you can Ask HDSB Libraries questions about resources or issues you are having?!

Your Library Staff are here to help!! Just email us directly OR click the link to the form!!

Like Ms. Burton says:

The only silly question is the one you don't ask!! (Let's be honest someone else said it first but it is VERY true)