MDHS Learning Commons

MD Library and Learning Commons Pandemic Orientation

You (yes you...) Can Still Get books!!

Did you know?! You can still access ALL OF OUR FABULOUS RESOURCES!! It is just a little different this year...

  1. Browse the catalogue to find something that "speaks" to you...

  2. Place a reserve on the item you want to read, through the catalogue!! (Click for the how to doc)

  3. Wait... You will get an email when your item is ready for pickup

  4. Find YOUR NAME!!!

(this shelf is on your left as you enter the library)

5. The book is YOURS (for two weeks)


7. Return the book to the cart that matches your Cohort group at the front of the library as you pass in the morning OR after class!!

Now you can search for books that suit your interests and get ideas for the newest and best books coming out!

Did you know you can Ask HDSB Libraries questions about resources or issues you are having?!

Your Library Staff are here to help!! Just email us directly OR click the link to the form!!

Like Ms. Burton says: The only silly question is the one you don't ask!! (Let's be honest someone else said it first but it is VERY true)