Ms. Carter's

Grade 1 & 2 Class

Grade 1 Program

For the next few months (September to November) our Grade One focus will be:


*high frequency words

*short vowels and word families

*Readers Workshop (shared reading, making connections, mini lessons on reading strategies)

*small group guided reading

*Writer’s Workshop (modelled, interactive writing and independent writing)

*writing simple/complete sentences using some conventions


*data management (collect and organize data using concrete graphs, read and describe data presented)

*numeration (read, represent, compare and order whole numbers to 50)


*daily and seasonal changes (demonstrate an understanding of what daily and seasonal changes are and of how these changes affect living things)

Social Studies

*our changing roles and responsibilities (demonstrate an understanding that they and other people have different roles, relationships, and responsibilities)


*line, space, texture

*primary colours, warm and cool colours


*healthy eating, food groups

Grade 2 Program

For the next few months (September to November) our Grade Two focus will be:


*read many high frequency words

*Readers Workshop (shared reading, making connections, mini lessons, demonstrating understanding, making inferences)

*Writer’s Workshop (modelled, interactive writing, independent writing, persuasive and point of view writing, explanation focusing on word choice and organizing ideas)

*recount writing (letters, interviews, personal account)


*data management (collect, organize and read categorical and discrete data)

*numeration: count forward to 200 and backwards from 50 starting at any point on a hundreds chart (counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's, 25's)

*addition and subtraction with sums to 20 (compose and decompose two-digit numbers, solve problems using mental math strategies, solve problems with and without regrouping)


*understanding Earth and space systems (assess the impact of human activities on air and water, efficient and wasteful ways to use water, investigate the characteristics of of air and water, water cycles)

Social Studies

*heritage and identity: changing family and community traditions (compare traditions, compare family structures, investigate traditions and celebrations of different ethnocultural groups in our community)


*line, space, texture, lines that show motion, lines inside shapes

*secondary colours



*healthy eating, food groups, planning balanced meals

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