HTHS Intramurals

HTHS Intramural Program

The Intramural/Wellness program at High Tech High School provides every student with a vehicle to stay fit in a discipline that interests them.

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Student Options

Nearly every day of the week there is an opportunity to play a sport or participate in an activity. The Intramural/Wellness program at High Tech includes: Fitness, CrossFit, Yoga, Judo, Basketball, Badminton, Ping Pong, Soccer, and Volleyball. Every sport is available from 3:15-5:00 and students are bused home.

Preparing for the Future

The Intramural/Wellness program at High Tech is ahead of its time. Students are being prepared for a future of physical and mental wellness, and in the meantime being taught discipline and dedication.

“Before the Intramural/Wellness program I was disorganized and had unbalanced physical and mental health. I had low energy, low motivation, and nothing to do after school. Because of programs such as, Fitness, Yoga, and CrossFit, I have developed important qualities like responsibility, dedication, and motivation; and, I am healthy! Daily, I watch my peers who participate alongside me attain these qualities as well. Nothing has prepared me more for college and career readiness, and I am more grateful than I can express.”

- Pauline Bertholon (Class of ‘18)


Students in Intramural sports, like volleyball, basketball, and soccer, still have the opportunity to compete with schools such as County Prep High School.

Summer Fun Fit

This program is also available during the summer in the form of High Tech’s summer program, Fun Fit, run by Mr. Fitzgibbons and Ms. Fernanda. For seniors, there are special programs available that open up future college opportunities.

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Yoga Certification

Yoga Teacher Training taught by Yoga instructor Ms. Fernanda is provided for free with free transportation once a month on Saturdays and at the end students are given a real Yoga Teacher certificate.