Hamburg Parent-Child Connection


Parent-Child Connection is a collaborative volunteer committee between Frontier CSD and Hamburg CSD, offering enrichment opportunities for families in our communities.

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  • Co-Presidents: Nicole Dayka & Colleen Kaney

  • Secretary: Kaitlin Sylvester

  • Treasurer: Colleen Kaney


  • AJ Lahrs

  • Amy Kane

  • Andrew Hochworter

  • Chris Thuman

  • Colleen Kumiega

  • David Smaczniak

  • David Yoviene

  • Dawn Springer

  • Jennifer Szustakowski

  • Jess Reyna

  • Laura Funke

  • Laura Heeter

  • Lynne Dixon

  • Marcy Koch

  • Patti Collins

  • Sam Blasz

  • Shannon Thurston

  • Susan Beiter