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British Accent Quick Lesson

Shakespeare in Love Bonus Material

The 2023 play will be Shakespeare in Love!

If you are not in the cast, please see Mr. Ruffino if you want to be involved. We need you!

Cast: Rehearsal Schedule (Revised as of 12/19)

First rehearsal is Monday, December 5 at 2:30 in room 245

Will Shakespeare - Monty Cooke

Viola De Lesseps - Myla Adams

Henslowe - Katie Tothero

Kit Marlowe - Paige Huson

Nurse - Alana Hromchak

Wessex - Noah Beiter

Ned Alleyn - Gwyn Huson

Richard Burbage - Lauren Holstein

Queen Elizabeth/Molly - Layla Lewis

Hugh Fennyman - Emmett Kosich

Edmund Tilney - Abby Lezark

Lambert/Sir Robert De Lesseps - Michael Manning

Kate/Mistress Quickly - Keira Hannon

Romeo & Juliet Actors:

Ralph/Server - Brent Schultz

Nol - Livia Gorlewski

Robin/Catling - Adrian Grey

Adam/Rower/Heavy 1 - Brendan Burd

Webster - Lexi Lambert

Wabash - Ava Crawford

Sam - Gabby Gause

Peter/Frees - Keeley Reiford

Abram/Valentine - Harley Sobczyk

Proteus - Annika Richter

Heavy 2 - Noah George

2022-2023 Drama Club Officers:

President - Paige Huson

Vice President - Lauren Holstein

Media Manager - Harley Sobczyk

Treasurer - Gwyn Huson

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