Drama Club

Clue Cast

Show Dates: February 6, 7 & 8 - All performances are at 7:30pm. Please find a business to post this Clue flyer

Party Permission Form due by February 6

Wadsworth - Maisy Drum

Yvette - Mia Sorgi

Miss Scarlet - Maggie Ruffino

Mrs. Peacock - Emma Anderson

Mrs. White - Sarah Touris

Colonel Mustard - James Gardner

Professor Plum - Peyton Schwab

Mr. Green - Adam Beiter

Mr. Boddy - Jacob Walters

The Cop - Reilly Thompson

Cook - Marnie Walters

Motorist - Nathan Van Volkinburg

Singing Telegram Girl - Paige Huson

Extras: Servants and FBI Agents - Tyler Herman, Sidney Williamson, Grace Koncikowski, Katie Tothero

Drama Club Remind Invite.pdf