Mrs. Darling Band


  • Hi everyone! Please keep practice all YELLOW highlighted material AND band music. Even if you just review things that are fun and easy to you -GREAT! You are still making music:). Links to band music is on the right (scroll down for 4th grade). If the band music is still too fast to play with, LISTEN to it while LOOKING at your music. This is a BIG help! I am working on individual music to email you and you can set up a free account with your book Essential Elements interactive. We talked about this around Christmas time. The code is in the front of your book and you can play EVERY selection in the book slow or fast along with it. If you need help setting up this account, please email me. I will be watching my email so please use it with whatever you need.

  • My ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS TEACHER CODE IS: ArmorElemeBand36 this code can be used to activate a free student account

Armor Elementary Spring Concert - 5/19/2020

4th grade 6PM / 5th grade 7PM

Boston Valley Spring Concert - 5/5/2020

4th grade 6PM / 5th grade 7:15PM