Hoke County Schools Administration

A Message from the Superintendent

To the citizens, parents, students, employees, and educational partners of the Hoke County School District:

I encourage each of you to take a moment to read Hoke County Schools' 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. Our strategic planning team—composed of administrators, teachers, staff members, students, parents, school board members, and community members—worked long hours discussing the district’s strengths and areas of improvement, in order to set goals for the future. This plan will provide us with guidance and benchmarks to ensure all internal and external stakeholders in the district have a clear vision of what we expect to achieve and how we plan to achieve our goals.

The theme of Hoke County Schools’ 2016–2021 Strategic Plan is “Transformation—Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World.” We understand that it will take hard work for our students to be college and career ready for tomorrow’s world, but with strong leadership and by the hard work of all our employees in partnership with our families and communities we will reach our goal of readiness for all students.

We are proud of the achievements of Hoke County Schools and the strong academic performance of our students. Together, we will use the current and past successes of our district to enhance the teaching and learning opportunities toward our expected outcomes.

Our Strategic Plan affirms our beliefs, proclaims our vision, and clarifies our mission. We know we must continue our partnerships with other agencies to leverage resources and continue to build synergy as we continue our transformational journey “Into the Future.”

Freddie Williamson


Dr. Freddie Williamson



1-910-875-4106 ext 225

Marsha Carroll

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent


1-910-875-4106 ext 225