Hoke County High School's PTSO (Parent-Teacher Student Organization)

The Hoke County High School PTSO held its first meeting for the 2017-2018 school year on September 13th during the school's "Meet the Teacher" night and met again on November 28th to discuss fundraising strategies. One of our goals was to solicit support to have a restaurant night by sometime in January 2018 with proceeds benefiting the PTSO and possibly have more throughout the spring semester if the initial one is successful.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: The PTSO maintains an ongoing membership drive. Dues for 2017-2018 are still only $5 per family (parent and students), and only $5 for faculty and staff as well. See Mr. Cuffe or Ms. Finkbeiner if you would like to join.

SURVEY: We want to know how we can support you as a student, parent, or faculty member at Hoke County High School. Please fill out the survey on the parents page to let us know. Link to Parents Page

OUR MISSION: Our mission, as the Parent Teacher Student Organization of Hoke County High School, is to support and enrich educational opportunities for students and staff at our school. The relationships within the school community, which includes students, families, and staff, are a vital part of the success of our children's futures as individuals. Therefore, our purpose is to foster open communication and a sense of support, pride, enthusiasm, and excellence for the educational process.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the PTSO is to assist in and elicit ongoing participation and meaningful involvement of parents, teachers, and administrators in the improvement of our school by:

a. providing supplemental educational programs on an ongoing basis such as monthly assemblies

b. assisting in establishing and financing specific program goals for extracurricular activities

c. serving as an advisory body for potential program or policy changes within the school

d. serving as a communications link between the school and the community to generate support for our school

e. keeping all parents informed of current school activities with teacher assistance

f. fundraising to facilitate the goals and programs


President: Valerie Autry

Administration Liaison: Sabrina Finkbeiner

PTSO Executive Committee Treasure: Mr. Cuffe

PTSO Executive Committee Teacher Lead: Mrs. Joyner

More information on this site to follow.

Last updated: 04/04/2018