Our "Parenting in the Digital Age" Teen Panel and Parent Night was a huge success! Thanks to all involved and especially to these 11 students for sharing their perspectives on the digital world and its role in their lives.

Simmons is once again Common Sense Education Certified in Digital Citizenship!

Students signing their Digital Citizen Pledge at the culmination of Digital Citizenship Week.

Our Vision for Digital Citizenship at Simmons Middle School

In a growing digital society, we believe it is critical for all participants to develop the attributes and skills necessary to become responsible, respectful, productive digital citizens. Our vision at Simmons Middle School is to empower all of our students, staff and families to be empathetic, responsible consumers and creators in the digital space and to maintain a community that values and practices positive digital citizenship. We seek to achieve this vision by offering relevant digital citizenship education within our school and to all of our families.

Raising good digital citizens is a community effort, so PLEASE stay informed & communicate OPENLY & OFTEN with your children about their digital lives!

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Resources for Parents