Interested in Joining the HCRU?

We are always welcome to new members and you don't have to be a rescue professional or hardcore caver to join. Full scale callout rescues require a lot of people-power and no matter what your experience level, there is a role for you.  We are looking for people with a passion for helping others, a team spirit and a desire to learn about cave rescue. Joining the HCRU is a commitment, but one that comes with many benefits. 

As a member you will be surrounded by experts who are always willing to teach new skills and techniques. If you're already a caver you will likely find that joining the HCRU will make you a better caver. If you're not a caver you will still benefit from the camaraderie that exists within the unit.

Steps in joining involves:

All members are required to join the Association of Alabama Rescue Squads (AARS) which is a $20 annual fee. This allows Workmans comp insurance to cover you when responding to a callout. This is the only required fee.