Preschool Registration

High Bridge School District is offering a FREE full day preschool program for residents of High Bridge ages 3 and 4.  

The program integrates 3- and 4-year-old students with diverse capabilities five days a week.  The program will be instructed by a teacher certified in both general and special education. The class will be supported by a paraprofessional, and the program will follow a state required curriculum. 

To be eligible your child must...

There are two stages prior to entering the preschool program.  

Stage 1 is Registration.  

Stage 2 is acceptance and submission of Medical records.  

Please click the down arrow to view each stage below for what needs to be completed. 

**Attention parents of 3 year old preschoolers already in the program for the current school year   - your child will automatically be placed into the preschool program for the next year.  There is no need to do anything further for registration.

Stage 1- Registration 

Registration is done through our Genesis Registration system.  To help you prepare for the registration process, you will be asked to provide a copy of your child's birth certificate and proof of residence.  For proof of residence, you may choose one item from each section or two from Section A.    

The list below will help you decide what documents to upload in Genesis.  

Birth certificate is mandatory PLUS we require one item from each section A and section B - OR two from section A



Section A - Choice of:    


Section B - Choice of: 

Have a copy of your child's birth certificate and chosen proof of resident documents ready to electronically upload into the Genesis system.   Please use this link on or after 2/28 to begin the registration process for your child for the 2022-2023 school year: Genesis Registration (please note that this link does not guarantee a spot in the program but is required documentation)  


If you should have any questions regarding the preschool registration process, please contact in the main office via email at Valerie Palmer - 


Once you submit all the required information into Genesis, you will receive a confirmation email from the school office.

Stage 2 - Invitation, Acceptance, Language Survey & Medical Forms

If your child's name is selected in the lottery drawing, you will have an opportunity to meet our teachers and learn about our preschool curriculum.  Should you decide to have your child attend our preschool program, the final stage is submitting the following forms:

Please print out these forms.  The parent completes the Home Language Survey and the Health History Form.  Your child's doctor will need to complete the Physical Exam Form and provide you with a printout of their immunization record.  Once completed, the Language Survey and all medical forms need to be returned to the Elementary School BEFORE JUNE 1ST. Please put these completed forms in an envelope and place it in the blue locked drop box located outside the front door of the Elementary School. Once we receive this paperwork, you will receive an email in August notifying you of your child's teacher and other school opening information.  Please be aware that your child will not be allowed to start school until all medical forms are submitted.

Who to turn to for questions or help :

Registration - Valerie Palmer - 

Medical Information - Janis Clark -  

Preschool Curriculum - Emma Alparone -