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Let's be realistic. If you suffer a loss, you'll need the help of an experienced insurance broker to guide you through it. Insurance companies and their adjusters know the policy inside out. Our job is to make sure you receive a fair settlement. Whether you're insured with us or not, we're happy to help you with your situation. Call Now! (800) 860-8835

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What about a slow leak?

Tough situation here. A slow leak that remains undetected for a period of time, may not be covered by your insurance. They will want to call it "wear and tear". However, we have had great success getting a good portion of the claim to be covered. As an example, the insurance company may have to open the wall to witness the damage in order to determine the cause of loss. And since they opened up the wall, we'll work towards getting them to pay the cost of putting it back together. It's a difficult negotiation, but we are here to help.

If you or someone you know has suffered a loss, we'd be happy to help out, whether you're insured with us or not. Call Now! (800) 860-8835