Personalized Learning @ Hawthorn

April 2017

Mission & Vision

Inspire all students to embrace learning in an ever-changing world.

Fulfilling Our Mission

When learning is personalized for students, they become the leaders of their own learning and work at a pace that's right for each of them. Hawthorn teachers have been working on the Guaranteed Viable Curriculum (GVC) for the last three years, which identifies our desired results for all students. Personalized learning experiences allow students to approach the GVC in a way that will make them successful. To enhance their learning experiences, Hawthorn middle school students will be issued a Chromebook next year. This tool will expand opportunities for personalized learning both within and outside of the classroom to meet their individual needs and inspire a love for learning.

Hawthorn's Personalized Learning Framework

This year, Hawthorn staff has received training on the Personalized Learning Framework (through LEAP Innovations in Chicago and on-campus workshops) and will be integrating these concepts into their classrooms over the next few years. For more information on the LEAP Framework, click here.

Support at home

Parents and guardians can support the students in their homes by helping them to identify the ways they learn best and create strategies for successful learning both in and out of school.

Stay tuned for monthly updates on all of the exciting developments happening within our district. Future issues of this newsletter will provide information on personalized learning, using and caring for Chromebooks, as well as helpful tips and strategies to ensure that each student embraces learning in an ever-changing world.