Dyslexia Referral

A request for a dyslexia evaluation may be made at any time during or after receiving intervention if the student is not responding to the intervention and demonstrates characteristics of dyslexia. Parents or guardians always have the right to request a referral for an evaluation at any time. Parental or guardian requests for dyslexia evaluation should be made to the Section 504 Campus Coordinator or ARD committee by the parent.

Who to Contact:

Hawley Elementary - Ginger Vinson, Counselor

gvinson@hawley.esc14.net 325-537-2214 ext. 3104

Hawley Middle school - misty heathington, Counselor

mheathington@hawley.esc14.net 325-537-2214 ext. 2136

Hawley High school - Regina Siller, Counselor

rsiller@hawley.esc14.net 325-537-2214 ext. 1114

District Special Programs - Laurie Florence

lflorence@hawley.esc14.net 325-537-2214 ext. 4140