About Matt

As a proven and committed leader of innovative approaches to Cloud technologies, Matt Hawkes has been both a principal engineer and a manager of software teams. Most recently at Pharos Security, he was responsible for the design and implementation of Continuous Deployment pipeline and Java based application development to design a highly effective corporate security environment. As a senior product manager and senior software manager at Cisco, he built and directed a large number of scrum teams across multiple sites and time zones to create new and effective software in support of Cisco’s growing footprint in hardware and software markets.

Not only does Matt empower his teams by using the Agile process to build innovative solutions to the most complex problems, with his engineering expertise, he is able to work down to the code level and help software engineers improve code quality to leverage tools to automate Static Analysis, Code Reviews, Code Coverage, and complexity metrics. He has been responsible for successfully moving premise based teams towards a Continuous Delivery/Dev Ops model in the Cloud. After spending time learning Product Management and being a full time Chief Product Owner he is able to provide a unique vision across the entire organization.

Well read in his field, considerate and respectful of professionals who work for him, capable of handling multiple projects, and accomplished in written communication and presentation skills, Matt Hawkes is a highly driven leader and industry innovator.