Linguistic Data Management

Online companion course to The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management

Welcome to Linguistic Data Management!

This is a free open-access companion course to the free open-access volume, The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management, edited by Andrea L. Berez-Kroeker, Bradley McDonnell, Eve Koller and Lauren B. Collister, published in 2022 by MIT Press Open.

Cover image for The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management (MIT Press Open 2022), edited by Berez-Kroeker et al.

About this online course

This self-paced course is designed provide readers an opportunity to delve more deeply into the concepts presented in the first 13 chapters in The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management.

All 56 chapters in the volume are available to all under free open access, as are each of the 13 lessons in this course.

Each course lesson provides:

  • A link to the relevant chapter

  • A brief synopsis of the chapter

  • Highlighted core keywords and concepts, so you can ensure you understand the important points

  • Activities and opportunities to practice what you've learned

  • Suggestions for how implement the concepts in your own career, research and study

  • Quizzes to test your understanding of the concepts

  • Links to the Data Management Use Case chapters that are especially relevant

  • Related readings

  • Information about the chapter author(s)