Hawaiʻi Ocean Science and Technology Park & Natural Energy Lab Hawaii Authority (NELHA)

Background Information

NELHA is a State of Hawaiʻi Government Agency whose mission is to develop and diversify Hawaiʻi’s economy by providing resources and facilities for energy and ocean related research, education, and commercial activities in an environmentally sound and culturally sensitive manner. NELHA manages the Hawaiʻi Ocean Science and Technology (HOST) Park in Kailua-Kona. NELHA works to bring in and support ocean science, aquaculture and renewable energy, as well as other “green” and “blue” technology companies to help create local jobs and diversify our local economy.

One of the major things that NELHA does is provide water for businesses and research. The majority of the companies that work with NELHA are in the field of aquaculture and work with the seawater provided by this facility. These companies are able to use either surface seawater (which is very clean and warm) or deep ocean water (which is cold and full of nutrients). With these two types of water, companies can grow/raise so many different things, such as shellfish, fish, and broodstock for shrimp, in a clean, bio-secure environment.

Through hosting and supporting companies in the sustainable aquaculture industry, as well as other science, technology, and engineering companies, NELHA hopes to improve our access to food (i.e., increase food security), create local jobs and help our local economy.

STEM careers and jobs that are involved in the program

    • Environmental Engineer

    • Agricultural Engineer

    • Oceanographer

    • Researcher

    • Industrial Electrician


Keith Olson

Internship Mentor


Student Intern

Student Intern Reflection


Read the article about Lilly in NELHA's newsletter (page 8).