Soraapp is an online library available to Hartford Middle School students. You can check out e-books and return them just like a regular library. Some Kekla Magoon books are available in newly created collection "K Magoon".

Almost any device is capable of using Soraapp. A Chromebook or PC using a browser, cell phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. can access the e-books. Titles automatically get returned, so there are no overdue notices or fines to pay for lost books. If a book is already checked out you can place a hold on it to get notified when it is available.

Logging in the first time

Logging in the first time

Choose your library: Vermont Schools Digital Collection

Select your school

Select Hartford School District from the drop down menu

Choose an account

Use your Google account as your login credentials. Only HMMS students will be able to access our private collections (K Magoon) and statewide collections.


  • Use filters to limit how many books you see at one time.

  • If you have a library card to Hartford Public Libraries you can also use OverDrive to access many more e-books online at no cost as a resident.