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AP Exam Info

AP Exam Reminders

AP Exam Testing Procedures 

Attendance Reminder: 

*For PM exams on late start Wednesday, students will report to the testing location immediately following brunch.

Dismissal Time: 

ALL students will be dismissed at the end of the testing session. A student may not leave the exam room early for any reason. Provided are estimated end times: 

Digital Testing Reminders 

(2024 Digital Exams at WR - AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP U.S. History, AP World History, AP Computer Science Principles)

AP Digital Exam Preview

2024 Digital Exam Subjects at WR - AP Literature and Composition, AP Language and Composition, AP World History: Modern, AP US History, AP Computer Science Principles. 

To register for each AP exam students must complete TWO TASKS: 

You will receive a payment confirmation email from Total Registration. If parents and students did not receive a Payment Confirmation Email, then the payment was not fully processed. 

 Testing Day Policies 




Exam Dates, Times, Locations & Sales Info

2024 AP Exam Schedule.docx
AP Exam Sales / Spring 2024

Questions About the Registration Process? Watch the video below!


*The College Board allows individual campuses to establish their own internal registration deadlines, internal exam pricing, and internal late testing policies. West Ranch's policies are outlined above. Students and families should be familiar with our own policies above before registering for AP Exams. Students and parents have agreed to the above policies when registering and paying for an AP Exam for West Ranch High School.* 

You must add AP Classroom to your College Board accounts to be eligible to register for AP Exams. (*Use your school email address when creating an account)

Register and Pay for all AP Exams using this website. (*Use your school email address when creating an account)

If you qualified last year for the reduced fee, your eligibility has been rolled over for this year. If you're new to the district, click the link above to fill out the form. If your household income has changed from last year, please reach out to kwatanabe@hartdistrict.org ASAP for additional information.

2023-2024 AP Exam Policies and Procedures

West Ranch High School provides the opportunity for WR students to take AP Exams in the May testing cycle. WR utilizes a website called Total Registration for all AP registration and payment. No physical money transfer will occur on the WR campus for AP Exams. WR has specific policies and procedures regarding AP Exam Registration. Please see those items outlined below. These will be re-iterated to students and families during the Fall Exam registration video which will be released during the school year and shown to students. Registration links can be found below.