National Honor Society

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Calendar and resources

Fall Semester



  • First All Membership Meeting (10/2/19 in the theater)
    • T-Shirts handed out
  • National NHS Scholarship Applications (seniors)
    • Available 10/1 - 12/7
  • Sign-Up for Fall Group Service Project (10/31 - 11/18)


  • Fall Group Service Project


Spring Semester


  • 3/10/20 Disneyland (Sign-up Online before 2/12/20)
  • All Membership Meeting (2/5/20 in the theater)




  • Senior Awards (May 4, 2020 at 6:30pm)
    • Cords, Stoles, and Scholarship/s Given Out
  • All officer banquet and planning meeting (in room 830) from 4:30-6:30pm on May 4, 2020

2019-20 OFFICERS

Presidents: Brooke Friedman & Kaitlyn Hernandez

Vice Presidents: Elisa Kim & Della Lee

Secretaries: Kaitlyn Jang & Nicole Ziola

Treasurer: Abhinav Behl

NHS History

2018-19 OFFICERS

Presidents: Brennan Book & Nicole Sohn

Vice Presidents: Julianna Lozada & Kaitlyn Hernandez

Secretaries: Brooke Friendman & Kaitlyn Jang

Treasurer: Tasnia Rasul

2017-18 OFFICERS

Presidents: Janelle Eley & Trevor Suh

Vice Presidents: McKenna Nally & Megan Darbourcne

Secretaries: Sabrina Acosta & Catherine Edwards

Treasurer: Alyssa Vu

Meeting Coordination Officer: Brennan Book

Group Service Project Officer: Nicole Sohn

Individual Service Project Officer: Autumn Moore

Social Events Officer: Kylee Lange

Social Media and Communications Officer: Jacob Chen

2016-17 OFFICERS

Presidents: Jackson Bright & Emily Black

Vice Presidents: Jared Kawasawa & Steven Sebastian

Treasurer: Janelle Eley

Secretaries: Audrey Sadra & Grace Lee

Communications and Media: Jake Gomez

Board Members: Kayla Yoo, Trevor Suh, Krystal Bacon, McKenna Nally, Megan Darbourne

College and Scholarship Application AdviCe from VHS Grads!

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