Arroyo Seco Jr High ASB

What is ASB?

At a junior high or high school, the associated student body is the collection of all students on a campus. Student leaders who are elected or appointed to represent all students are called the Associated Student Body officers, or ASB officers. Each year on every junior high and high school campus in the Hart District, those students who have a special commitment to making their school the best it can be come together as the ASB. According to California state law, the ASB is responsible for managing all the student money brought in by vending machines, the student store, and other fundraisers. However, the ASB is also responsible for a wide variety of student activities.

At any school, it’s the responsibility of the ASB to make sure students of all backgrounds and interests have the opportunity to get involved and have fun at school—and that’s our job at Arroyo Seco. Arroyo Seco ASB is responsible for putting on fundraisers, lunchtime activities, assemblies, student and staff recognition programs, community service, school dances, and much more. In addition, we are called on to help out with school-wide activities like Back-to-School Night and Open House. In addition to working hard in class and on all the activities, being an ASB member means being a student leader. A student leader is a role model for other students both on and off campus. A student leader is someone who obeys the law and school rules, is respectful to all students and adults on campus, and believes in doing the right thing, even if it isn’t always the popular thing.

This all sounds overwhelming! Is it worth it?

At Arroyo Seco, the ASB class meets just as often as your math, science, history, English, or PE class. Taking ASB means not having another elective. It’s a big commitment! But, for everything you put in, you will also get a lot back. You will learn communication skills, project management, teamwork, how to make a budget, time management, and the value and joy of a job well done. Chances are, you’ll also make a lot of great friends in the process.

If this sounds like a big job, you’re right! It will be. But the challenge is half the fun. Both you and your parents should be aware that ASB is a large commitment of both time and energy. We pride ourselves on being some of the hardest-working people on the Arroyo Seco campus. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Mrs. Meraz, the ASB Advisor, at